Eco Resort

Prize of the CG Salon 2016

Project: Eco Village – Prize of the CG Salon 2016

Status: Concept design

Location: Andrijevica, Montenegro

Client: private

Authors: Branko Lutovac, Jasmina Salković, Gojko Mitrović, Jelena Rabrenović

Associates: /

Year of design: 2015

Total area: 3542 m2 / 9.47 ha

Award of the second Montenegrin Salon of Architecture in the category of the project

“The building pressure, but also the tourist pressure on the Montenegrin coast is enormous and has led to extreme densities, destroying the foundations of the tourist offer: the beauty of urban and natural space. The equally beautiful continent of Montenegro is still spared from such a scenario. In that context it is necessary to support projects that deal with tourism in a considerate way in these areas, and while at the same time trying to achieve a connection between vernacular forms and contemporary architecture. It is this kind of value that advocates Eko Sela Andrijevica’s project, which should be hoped to be a successful model.”

prof. dr. Maroje Mrduljaš president of the jury