residential and commercial building

Project: Residential and commercial building

Status: Idea solution and main project

Location: Radovici,Tivat

Autors: Branko Lutovac, Ana Micic Moracanin

Associates: Mirjana Ardalic,Srdjan Lutovac

Year: 2021

Total area: 2060 m2

Bulding is located in the center of the settlement Radovici. The settlement of Radovići, which is located on the Luštica peninsula, has fragments of the traditional architecture of ambient units, which consist of irregularly positioned stone houses with gardens.The position of the building is across the street from the post office, while there are schools, a health center and several multi-family housing facilities nearby. It is this duality that has served as a concept for the object in question. Thus, the building is visually stratified horizontally, in such a way that the lower part of the building is business residential, all in white, which represents a strong base on which the upper part of the building relies, and also a response to the microlocation that seeks to create an urban structure.


The upper part of the building has a freer form, which mimics the ambient units of the wider part of the settlement as well as the entire peninsula, in such a way that the form is visually divided into 6 small stone houses and silhouettes similar to traditional houses in the combination of gabled and pitched sloping roofs.



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