Montenegro pavillion for Venice Biennale 2018-honorable mention

Project: Montenegro pavillion for Venice biennale 2018-honorable mention

Status: competition

Location: Venice, Italy

Client:Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism

Autors: Branko Lutovac, Jelena Rabrenović, Lidija Rabrenović

Associates: /

Year: 2018

Total area: /

Mycelium Model: Emerging Resilience is a custom model for sustainable tourism in the currently free space of northern  Montenegro. The name Mycelium Model is due to it’s functional similarities to a mycelium, a colony from kingdom fungi. The logo represents the way individual fungi are connected by an underground organism through which they communicate, share nutrients, explore the surroundings and relocate resources.The competition defined 3 usable exhibition spaces in palazzo Malipiero in Venice. The Mycelium model exhibition uses each of them to create a different experience of space. The first one is of an empty white space, the visitor interacts with it by walking through blue pigment at the entrance and leaving his/her footprints all over the pavement.


The idea is to awaken the awareness of contributing to everchanging space around us. The second exhibition space creates an experience of slight discomfort, since it is mostly taken by a sphere of large dimensions. It leaves little space for interaction with the user, or for a user to improvise an alternative path in his/her movement trough space, which is recorded in the footprints on the floor. The third room represents the mycelium, a growing, natural, interconnected structure in seemingly infinite space created with mirrors.


The exhibition is a symbolic representation of the way Mycelium model would use the free space in the north for sustainable tourism. Instead of building large hotel/resort  structures, the model forsees using existing housing and small family businesses that would collaborate to create a web of eco turistic activity. It would present a unified offer based on the traditional way of life and organic food production.

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