luxury villa

Project: Residential villa

Status: Idea solution and main project

Location: Krasici,Tivat

Autors: Branko Lutovac, Ana Micic Moracanin

Associates: Mirjana Ardalic

Year: 2021

Total area: 242 m2

Luxury villa located in Tivat,Montenegro.

The specificity of this building is that it is a continuation of the future complex located on adjacent plots.
Due to the leveling of the terrain, the building was lowered by one floor in relation to the neighboring complex in such a way that the first floor was placed flush with the ground floor of the complex and as such was treated in concrete with imprinted wooden planks, identical to the ground floor of the neighboring complex.

This approach enabled a good fit into the future context in which the building will become a continuation of the ground floor and will not oppose the dominant white cubes, but will further upgrade the quality of the form of the future complex.


By positioning the wall of the first floor  at the same level of the yard of the future complex, the complete privacy of the villa was achieved.Observing the macroplane, the building, together with the future complex, is unobtrusive, well-integrated and completes the composition.If we look at the object separately, on a micro level, it is impressive thanks to the emphasized dynamics of the form.

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