luxury villas complex

Project: Residential complex

Status: Idea solution and main project

Location: Krasici,Tivat

Autors: Branko Lutovac, Ana Micic Moracanin

Associates: Gojko Mitrovic

Year: 2019

Total area: 1328.92m2

When designing,the goal was to create structures that would fit into the natural environment with their shape and position in the field.Specifically,the given dimensions and floors would produce cumbersome structures that would affect the environment,and therefore, the use of group form and fragmentation of structures was reached.
Six cubes with identical front facades (measuring 6.5mx7m) between which are tall plants are supported by a pedestal in which the ground floor is located.Cubuses create continuation of surrounding urban matrix of smaller residental units characteristic for the area of Krasici.


So the complete structure looks visually layered, and the arrangement of the masses makes these objects blend in with the environment.The ground floor of the building is reclined,darker in color than the rest of the building,making it garder to spot it from the sea.Insight of the object from the sea was one of the priorities when creating the concept.

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