luxury villas complex

Project: Residential complex

Status: Idea solution and main project

Location: Krasici,Tivat

Autors: Branko Lutovac, Ana Micic Moracanin

Associates: Gojko Mitrovic

Year: 2019

Total area: 772,32m2

Residential complex of four luxury villas located in Tivat,Montenegro.While selecting the concept,the goal was to position the objects so that the best possible views of the Boka Bay could be achieved.The main goal was to create as small as possible structures that,along with sloping terrain and vegetation,would be unobtrusive,both to neighbors and to views from the sea.


The shredded structures are in addition to volume,obtained by layering the form into a transparent and non-transparent part of the object.The lower villas are in a mass ratio such that the building is a square stone house,supported by a glass cube,with a light steel roof structure.
In terms of transparency,the reclining cube looks like a pergola covered terrace in front of old stone houses typical of this climate.This ratio of masses made the object appear visually smaller as well as better integrated to the location. The contemporary transposition of traditional forms was sought.The two upper villas are vertically visually stratified on a full and transparent part.The full part is semi-buried in the terrain and as such overcomes the steep terrain of the site.
This approach made it possible to integrate the building into the location,while the upper part is completely transparent with a light steel roof structure hovering over massive structures.

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