airport interior design

Project: Airport reconstruction
Status: Idea solution and main project
Location: Tivat, Montenegro
Autors: Branko Lutovac, Ana Micic Moracanin
Assicuates: Srdjan Lutovac, Mirjana Ardalic, Gojko Mitrovic
Year: 2020
Total area: 1600 m2

The project includes the reconstruction of the interior of the airport in Tivat. Given the huge flow of passengers during the season, which is over a million, we tried to reduce the space so that it could serve so many passengers as easily as possible. Thus, all halls are bright, with an identical treatment of the walls, floors and ceilings, cleaned of unnecessary ornamentation and the use of colors. The entire space becomes unobtrusive and ready to serve a purpose.




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